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Charcoal Grilling Tips To Remember when you are cooking with charcoal. tips from Blue Charcoal Brazilian BBQ Style one of the Best Dallas Restaurants.

If it is your first time working with a charcoal grill, it is important to know what you are doing in order to make the best decisions regarding your cooking. This means becoming more familiar with the grill and the method of cooking, because even though cheap tabletop grills are more convenient, there is nothing that can beat the flavor and sear made by a charcoal grill. By remembering some of the following charcoal grilling tips, you will find it really easy to impress at your next big barbecuing event.

The first thing that you will need for your grill is charcoal. How much charcoal you need largely depends on the size of your grill and the amount of cooking that you plan on doing. Most standard kettle grills are about twenty two inches in diameter, and a load of around 80 to 100 briquettes will usually be enough to build that single layer across two thirds of the grill’s bed. This means that it will be enough for a full most chimney starters, and it will provide you with enough room for both a cooler zone and a hot zone, both of which are vital when you grill your food. These coals will last an hour before you need to replenish them.

Lighting the grill is a careful technique all its own. Try to avoid using lighter fluid, because there are many other ways to light the fire without imparting that chemical smell to your cooking. Raw food is extremely susceptible to absorbing fumes, which is why grilling is such an iconic way to cook in the first place.

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Chimney starters can be a great way to light your grill without worrying about any strange tastes or smells. These starters come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes, and it is recommended for beginners to get started with the largest one that they can find. One of the best starters that you can use are ones made of newspapers, where you can roll them up and place them in the starter holes, ensuring that there is sufficient airflow for your briquettes to burn. An electric starter can be another good investment. All that these require is a good, steady amount of electricity for your grill to catch.

Bury the heating element at the end of the charcoal, plug it in, and wait ten or so minutes before the charcoal is ignited. Once the charcoal has begun to burn, simply unplug it and remove it, storing it in a safe location while it cools.

Direct cooking can be done correctly with the right equipment as well. Prepare lump charcoal if you need to have the food cooked quicker and hotter, as it burns much faster than charcoal briquettes. This gives you the advantage in terms of a quicker direct grilling method, which can be ideal for steak and pork chops. When you are not using a faster or direct type of heat, be sure to divide the grill into zones to better control cooking.

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